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Blueticket rebranding


Strategy, Branding

Blueticket, the second largest ticket marketplace in Portugal, approached us to help them steer their brand into the future.

Drum-roll please

Re-designing an exciting brand

Being big music lovers, we were thrilled to work with Blueticket on their latest rebranding. With a limited design system, the brand was struggling to build it’s identity and communicate properly with their base. Presented with this challenge, we decided to make a bold move.



There's a pattern

A practical design system

Since many of the brand’s applications rely on static media such as print, a complementary system was created to consolidate the identity. The perspective container doubles as a placeholder for content and as a recognisable brand element.

We're tree huggers

Going digital for a sustainable world

Part of this project revolved on improving the brand’s digital experience. We helped design the tickets in digital format, and optimise the printed versions to reduce paper waste as much as possible.

Coulda, shoulda, woulda

The website that never was

Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to design and develop Blueticket’s website, but that didn’t stop us from sharing our vision below. You can view the current one by visiting the link below.

visit someone else's website

It's a fashion statement

Many applications, many colours

Heavy on merchandise, we designed multiple pieces using the same system that was implemented for communication and promotional purposes. This helped to spread their new identity in shows, festivals, and other events, amongst participants.