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Strategy, Branding, Packaging, UI & UX, Development

On a mission to deliver healthier Indian food with a modern twist, Ingenious Foods launch Gourmosa – from concept to hundreds of stores in just under 8 months.

Cooked with love

Creating a meaningful identity

After defining the brand’s values, we went with a modern and mature look for the brand. Along with the main logo, we created the tagline “handcrafted flavours” to convey the consideration and detail that went into each recipe.

Back to roots

South Asian food with a modern twist

Packed with super-foods, Gourmosa created a full range of fresh products to cater for the growing number of health conscious consumers. Besides being some of the best samosas and pies we have ever tasted (we had our office fridge and freezer stocked through the whole project), none of the products are fried – a much healthier alternative to the traditional offerings.

Setting a record

From sketch to shelf in just 8 months

Working directly with the factory we were able to quickly prototype and iterate the packaging for the whole product range at an incredible speed. This nimble process made it possible for Gourmosa to sprint through all the hoops and successfully land on supermarket shelves in a matter of months.


Nationwide availability

Soon after launch, Gourmosa secured 282 stores across the country and became available to purchase online through Ocado, one of the largest online supermarkets in the UK.

Sealing the deal

Securing the brand in retail

With all the right variables – an innovative take on an otherwise stale market niche, fresh branding, packaging and a delicious range of products, we were able to secure a range of 20 SKUs with 4 of the largest retailers in the UK.