Nustone rebranding & e-commerce


Strategy, Branding, UI & UX, Development, E-commerce

Amongst the first to supply natural stone paving online over 10 years ago, Nustone approached us to enhance their online presence and strategy – from product page to product delivery.

Stepping stones

Evaluating all the phases within the business

Nustone needed to optimise and improve multiple aspects of their brand and operations – from identity to shipping and everything in between. Dividing the project into 3 phases, we began a business evaluation, heavily focused on the processes happening backstage.


Brand identity

After being in business for over 10 years, Nustone needed an identity that would reflect their maturity and consolidate their online presence across all channels.


User experience

By analyzing customer interaction with heatmaps and recorded sessions, we stripped down all the unnecessary clutter and designed a lean e-commerce experience that users would feel familiar with.



Hundreds of orders were manually being dispatched everyday, keeping the sales team away from other customer related tasks. To automate the process, we developed custom shipping and warehouse management tools.

Feel good at home

Building a welcoming brand

Nustone’s ethos revolves around creating better living spaces. That’s why we felt the need to create an identity that would reflect this without being too distracting – and so the “n” house was born.



As simple as it gets

A friendly and hassle free e-commerce experience

Patio, floor, wall, accessories, and that’s it – A layered navigation that’s easy for any newcomer to follow, but effective for construction veterans as well. We only show what matters, when it matters.

visit website

Pick a card, any card

Beautiful and informative product pages

Quick product views that show images, price, availability and purchasing options for blazing fast bulk ordering. For more information,  single product pages with specifications, dimensions, attributes and other relevant data.

One size fits all

Responsive design for any device

Built to fully embrace all devices and screen sizes, the new website offers a seamless experience when purchasing on desktop or mobile.

Going with the flow

Custom shipping and inventory tools

We developed integrations that enable any operative to quickly ship orders with the click of a button. Long gone are the days of filling forms with product references, customer information and shipping requirements. To keep everything up to date, the inventory system automatically deducts units that have been dispatched, and tops everything up when new stock has arrived in the warehouse.

Double or nothing

Impact in sales after re-launch

After re-launch, the positive impact was immediate. User interactions on the website became less erratic, and more orders were placed during weekends and after office hours – customers no longer felt the need to place their orders over the phone. In less than 2 months, Nustone broke their highest selling day record by 113%.

*The statistics below are in comparison with data from 2015.


Highest sales day record


Peak month revenue


Second quarter total revenue


Average order value



Highest sales day record


Peak month revenue


Second quarter total revenue


Average order value